5 small quilting projects from scraps for beginners

If you keep a load of tiny scraps of fabric, ‘just in case’, these little projects are perfect for you. I’ve collated a selection of 5 different techniques, each with brilliant tutorials to help you make your own bit of patchworky brilliance.

Rainbow patchwork coasters

Very Berry Handmade has a very easy and clear tutorial to make these gorgeous coasters out of little scraps of material. It uses iron on interfacing to keep the tiny pieces in place and is a very easy way to get a neat result from tiny bits of fabric.


Folded hexagon coasters

You need to be a bit accurate with the cutting but it is well worth it for the result. The instructions by Busy As Can Be are really clear with great photos.

Image from Busy As Can Be

Flex frame pouch

You do need a bit of patience for this project which is made from tiny hexagons. The tutorial suggests using paperclips to hold the fabric around the cardboard templates while you sew it, that is a great idea! If you have never used a flex frame before the instructions from Where the Orchids Grow make it look easy too.

Retro drawstring bags

I can think of a hundred uses for these little bags. I like the addition of lace and tape too! Full instructions are from A Spoonful of Sugar on Bloglovin

Scissor holders

Made from folded and patchworked fabric, these scissor holders are a brilliant way to protect your precious tools, and keep them away from little hands too! Vicki’s Fabric Creations has a nice easy tutorial too.

If you try any of these, or have another way you like to use up those tiny scraps please let us know! We would love to see what you are making.


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