5 fun things to do with conkers this Autumn

I love a nice walk in the Autumn. The leaves are beautiful, the mornings sharp and it is ok to spend all evening curled up under a blanket. I usually collect a few conkers when I’m out walking but I’m often stuck for things to do with them. These 5 ideas are good for all ages, and not just for autumn – I find conkers in my home all year round somehow!

1. Conker Reindeer

Pictures need no translation which is lucky because my Polish is not all that!

Lovely conker reindeer from


2. Conker Worm

Fresh conkers are nice and soft to push a nail or sharp screwdriver through. This little worm is perfect for those kids who love threading.


Conker worm from


3. Painted Conkers

Creative in Chicago made these gorgeous painted conkers. If you can doodle, you can have some too.

Conkers and sharpies from Creative in Chicago


4. Conker Moth and Spider Deterrents

Did you know that conkers are supposed to deter moths and spiders? If that is just a myth this little wreath makes a nice little ornament in it’s own right.

Conker Wreath from

5. Conker Painting

Messy time! Control the chaos by doing this on a tray and you can make your own wrapping paper in no time.

Conker paint rolling from

If you try any of these out please let me know. I’d love to hear how you get on.